Redesign Project . Four live and work in a Duplex

Redesign Project . Four live and work in a Duplex

‘Home’ . It’s probably the most important place in everyone’s life. must fulfil the most diverse needs.

We found a very small layout on all levels, with expansion reserves in the roof as well as a basement with a garage that was too small and inconvenient.

The result was a residential house for a young family of 4 with all associated living spaces on 3 levels as a modern, open living concept. In addition to technical and utility rooms, a separately accessible office for customer traffic was realised in the basement.

The first step was to take stock of the building from around 1960. This was followed by a needs assessment / everyday life analysis of the future users in order to develop an optimal utilisation and space concept according to their budget. In the further renovation process, the focus of the client’s support was on dialogue during the furnishing, material and colour consultation with regard to style, spatial effect and costs. The project was completed to the overall satisfaction of my clients.

Redesign Project and Living Concept

. Planning costs according to offer or effort

. Construction and supervision was carried out by third parties